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Get to know ezzing WORK, the module to track and coordiante all the activity of your installers on-site.

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Collect installation data on-site

Collect all technical details of your installations on site through text or photos with a mobile phone and transfer all the necessary info directly to the platform for sales and engineering planning.

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Validation of offers on the installation site

While doing a technical visit, your installations teams can visualize the PV quotes made and modify them if necessary to speed up the sales process

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Platform CRM

Create your own installers reports

Whether it is a technical visit or the installation day, you can create your own reports in the plataform to be filled out by your installers when they are at your customer's location so that you can keep track of everything that happens and don't miss any information.

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Notifications of pending appointments and installations

You can centralize all customer information with automatic notifications to arrange visits, installation dates and follow up so that your installers never miss an appointment.

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Your Ally in Photovoltaic Project Management Chevron Down

Discover Ezzing WORK, the essential module designed to optimize and efficiently coordinate all the activities of your on-site installers. By adopting Ezzing WORK, you can achieve seamless, comprehensive management of your photovoltaic projects, ensuring every step of the process is executed smoothly and without issues. With Ezzing WORK, you will gain tangible benefits that will transform your operational approach:

  • Efficient Project Coordination: Keep all project elements aligned and perfectly synchronized.
  • Detailed Activity Tracking: Maintain precise oversight of each project phase, from installation to operation and maintenance.
  • Improved Photovoltaic Installation Management: Optimize processes and resources to achieve superior results in less time.

With Ezzing WORK, you have a robust ally that enables you to lead your photovoltaic projects to guaranteed success.

On-Site Data Collection Chevron Down

Maximize your project's efficiency with our installer app, designed to facilitate the collection of all technical details of photovoltaic installations directly at the worksite. Through this tool, installers can use their mobile phones to capture images and note vital technical information, from rooftop solar panel installations to complex industrial solar panel projects. All data is transferred immediately and securely to our platform, which is essential for effective sales and engineering planning. With the app, you can enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Accurate Data Collection: Ensure every technical detail is recorded precisely, essential for the success of photovoltaic installations.
  • Direct Platform Transfer: Facilitate communication and coordination between the field team and planning teams.
  • Improved Project Planning: Enhance project management, enabling smoother and more effective execution.

Incorporating all the necessary tools for advanced photovoltaic installations, our app simplifies rooftop solar panel installations and is indispensable for industrial solar panel installations, ensuring each project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

On-Site Offer Validation Chevron Down

Optimize your sales process with our advanced functionality integrated into the installer app, specifically designed for managing the assembly of photovoltaic solar installations. During technical visits, our teams can view and modify photovoltaic budgets directly on-site. This crucial tool allows for real-time adjustment of offers, ensuring budgets are accurate and completely up-to-date, significantly speeding up the sales process.

Key Benefits:

  • Sales Process Acceleration: Facilitate a faster and more effective transition from quotation to deal closure.
  • On-Site Updated Budgets: Ensure all proposals reflect current site conditions and needs.
  • Increased Offer Accuracy: Enhance reliability and customer satisfaction by adjusting proposals to match project realities.

This in-situ adjustment capability strengthens confidence at every step of the process, from quotation to final execution, optimizing the management and execution of each photovoltaic project.

Create Your Own Installer Reports Chevron Down

Our CRM platform facilitates the creation of personalized reports that installers can complete during technical visits or on the installation day itself. This functionality is key for the organization and management of solar photovoltaic installation projects, allowing detailed tracking of all activities performed on-site. By using this tool, you ensure that every crucial detail is captured and preserved, preventing the loss of important information. Our CRM can provide essential information and benefits:

  • Custom Reports: Configure and design reports to meet the specific needs of each project.
  • Detailed Activity Tracking: Maintain a comprehensive record of each step in the installation and maintenance process.
  • Prevents Information Loss: Keep crucial data protected and improve project continuity and quality.

With these tools, our platform not only supports the assembly and maintenance of photovoltaic solar installations but also enhances efficient information management and coordination among all involved teams.

Appointment and Pending Installation Notifications Chevron Down

Maximize operational efficiency with our app, which acts as the central hub for all customer information and ensures impeccable coordination through automatic notifications. These notifications are designed to schedule visits, installation dates, and follow-ups, ensuring installers are always informed and never miss an appointment. This function is crucial to keeping the installation process organized and punctual, reflecting the highest standards of solar panel installation software.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic Notifications: Receive reminders for all important appointments, ensuring no commitments or follow-up opportunities are missed.
  • Customer Information Centralization: Store and organize all important information in one place, facilitating data access and management.
  • Appointment Organization and Punctuality: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each visit, optimizing time and resources.

Our application is an indispensable tool for all installers seeking to improve their time management and services, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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