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Qualify leads and turn them into customers, with or without your own simulator, and provide your clients with a 5-star customer experience.

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Generate and qualify leads in a digital way

With the online Simulator you will generate and qualify leads in less than a minute! This landing page will be branded to your look&feel and embedded in your webpage, so the end client will feel he is always in your site. You can also track the origin of the all the leads using campaign hashs!

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Give your sales team a tool to generate leads and close sales in situ!

With this tool, your agents can go door to door generating detailed offers on the spot; accelerating the closing process.

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Customer Portal

Increase your customer's engagement by communicating with them digitally!

Ask for additional information or let your leads upload documents here, share several quotes, sign documentation, inform your clients about the process and status, and much more!

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Platform CRM

Manage all your selling, installation, and after-sales processes with our solar CRM

Create your own workflows, organize your team's task, manage different roles of users, brand the communication with your leads, use several prices tables and PV products for your offers!

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The Leading CRM for Solar Energy Companies Chevron Down

In the competitive solar energy sector, efficiency and precision in sales management are crucial for success. Ezzing Sales, our CRM specialized in solar energy, is designed to radically transform your sales process. From the initial qualification of potential customers to comprehensive management of installations and after-sales follow-up, our tool adapts to every need of your solar energy business.

With Ezzing Sales, provide your customers with a 5-star experience by optimizing each stage of your commercial operation. Discover how our CRM solution for solar energy companies can help improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and drive your growth in the solar energy market. Take advantage of a platform that understands and anticipates the specific demands of your industry.

Generate and Qualify Leads with the Online Simulator Chevron Down

The Ezzing Sales online simulator stands out as an essential tool for solar energy companies. Designed to generate and qualify leads quickly and efficiently, this simulator integrates seamlessly into your website's design, providing a smooth user experience. The Online Simulator provides important benefits:

  • Rapid Lead Generation: Capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into leads in real-time, optimizing every touchpoint.
  • Seamless Website Integration: Easily implement our simulator with your website’s design and functionality, maintaining consistency and reinforcing your brand image.
  • Effective Campaign Tracking: Use campaign hashtags to track the origin of all leads.

Maximize your ability to attract and convert customers using our advanced online simulator. Discover how Ezzing Sales can transform your lead generation process and take your solar energy business to the next level.

Tool for Lead Generation and On-Site Sales Closure Chevron Down

The Ezzing Sales simulator for sales agents is a crucial innovation for the solar energy sector, especially designed for door-to-door sales. This tool empowers your sales team by enabling them to generate detailed and personalized offers on the spot, significantly accelerating the sales closure process. The Sales Agent Simulator provides the following benefits:

  • Immediate Offer Generation: Prepare and present detailed proposals directly during customer interactions, improving response rates and increasing success probabilities.
  • Accelerated Sales Closure: Minimize the time between first contact and contract signing, facilitating a smooth and efficient transition to sales conversion.
  • Mobile Field Sales Tool: Equipped with mobile functionalities, this simulator allows your sales team to operate efficiently in the field, enhancing their mobility and effectiveness.

With our sales agent simulator, your team will not only be better equipped but also more prepared to face market challenges and close deals faster and more efficiently. Discover how Ezzing Sales can revolutionize your sales process and elevate your commercial performance to the next level.

Enhance Customer Engagement with the Customer Portal Chevron Down

The Ezzing Sales Customer Portal represents a significant advancement in digital interaction between your company and your customers. This interactive platform not only facilitates the upload and signing of documents and budgets but also allows customers to receive real-time updates on the status of their solar energy projects. Optimize communication and improve document management with a tool designed to elevate the user experience. The benefits of employing a Customer Portal like ours are clear:

  • Smooth and Digital Communication: Keep your customers informed and engaged through a platform that centralizes communication, ensuring all important information is accessible and secure.
  • Efficient Document Management: Simplify the administration of essential documents, from proposals to contracts, allowing for effortless management and reduced processing time.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: By providing a consistent and professional user experience, the Customer Portal helps improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, crucial for the long-term growth of your business.

Discover how the Ezzing Sales Customer Portal can transform your interaction with customers, making it more efficient, secure, and satisfying. Implement this solution and observe how it elevates your service quality and brand perception in the solar energy market.

Comprehensive Management with the CRM Platform for Solar Energy Chevron Down

The Ezzing Sales CRM Platform is specifically designed for the solar energy sector, offering a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage all sales, installation, and after-sales processes from a single place. Equipped with advanced tools for creating custom workflows, organizing tasks and managing user roles, as well as administering multiple price and product tables, our platform ensures your company can optimize every stage of the sales process. Ultimately, with our CRM platform, you will benefit from:

  • Centralized Process Management: Manage all sales, installation, and after-sales activities from a single platform, increasing efficiency and reducing redundancy.
  • Custom Workflow Personalization: Adapt workflows to the specific needs of your business, ensuring that each process aligns with your strategic and operational objectives.
  • Efficient Sales Team Organization: Improve coordination and productivity of your sales team with tools that facilitate task assignment and performance tracking.

Discover how the Ezzing Sales CRM Platform for Solar Energy can transform the way your company handles its operations, improving not only internal efficiency but also customer satisfaction. Implement our CRM solution and take your solar energy business to the next level of operational and commercial excellence.

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