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With the sales module you will be able to carry out a profitability study for your customers on the spot, configuring your own materials and services, all in a very intuitive and easy way.

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Thanks to our agreements in the market we are able to bring you the best prices, in a transparent way, as you know we like. Because if we join together, we all win.



One of the reasons for creating the ZWAT is to create a sustainable ecosystem between developers and installers, with beneficial conditions for both and without making us compete with each other.

Access to facilities sold by large companies

Install what you want, without competing with other installers.

With fair conditions we send you projects for free.

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Use ZWAT to sell faster, finance your customers, buy material and install more.


  • A platform with free tools for you.
  • Where you won't have to compete with other installers.
  • With a team that is with you at all times.

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success stories of our installers

We work only with the best professionals, join them!

"Working with them is a marvel. Thanks to their human team, which accompanies you throughout the process and management of the agreed work, facilitating the suppliers all the management through very simple and intuitive tools. congratulations and thank you!"

Javier Suero


"From the first day we were delighted with your proposal. Everything we are seeing is very well organized. Visit for staking out, reception of the material, flexibility in giving the client an appointment and the start-up are very well organized."

Juan Alfonso Rey


"After the experience we have with this platform, we believe that it meets the ideal conditions to be able to control the opportunities, visit, document the work and close the opportunity. It is simple and agile in terms of moving the documentation."

Ruben Gonzalez



Are the ZWAT tools at no cost to us as an installer?

At Ezzing we understand software as a means to an end, and we want to be part of it. We only make money if you have a job and you also make money by booking facilities, buying equipment or applying for financing for your customers.

Can I use the sales tool for my customers?

Of course! The sales tool has nothing to do with the facilities published by the developers, it is designed so that you can make proposals and generate studies for your customers, in addition, we have connected it with financing companies so that you can offer a financing product at the same time.

What do I have to do to be able to offer financing to my customers?

The financing entities ask us to work only with good professionals, since, if the installation does not work, it is the final customer who will stop paying them. For this reason you have to provide us with information about your company and information about the sales process, sizing and installation of your latest installations. With that ok we will give you professional installer status and you will be able to start financing your customers.

Why does Ezzing have an installer rating?

Unfortunately in this sector there is a lot of intrusion and professionals who do not do their job well. In ezzingSolar we do not want to work with this type of installer. We are focused on quality and getting a good price for quality work. The rating shows that you are one of this type of installers and allows us to negotiate, for example, that you get paid as soon as possible.

Can any installer access the list of installation projects?

No. We place a lot of importance on the qualified network. In addition, we want you to see enough installations if you have access to this area to get serious and really dedicate resources to it. That's why we give access only to the best and when the volume of published installations allows it.

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