Selling photovoltaics is easy

With our platform we have made the process of selling, buying and installing solar energy much easier for companies.

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Capture and qualify leads with our simulator, customer portal and CRM platform.


Prepare customized proposals with 3D design in 5 minutes.


Coordinate the installation process (installers, materials and legalization) on our platform.


Monitor your installations and offer complementary products.

360° service with our all-in-one platform

Modular technology that facilitates the entire photovoltaic sales process. From lead acquisition to installation and monitoring of the panels.

All in one place

Control the entire sales process on a single platform. From customer acquisition to monitoring and post-sales.

Fast time to market

With our platform you can start selling in a short time in a simple way. Use the best tool and start selling fast.

Pay only what you need

No hassle. Choose the areas where you need coverage and don't pay for the ones you won't use. Our product adapts to you.

Platform created for:

End customer

Through our platform the client will be able to know the status of his contract and offer, sign and provide the necessary documentation. You will also be able to know the status of your installation at all times. You have access to:

  • Ezzing Sales.
  • Ezzing Aftersales.


Ezzing Sales allows you to generate a detailed binding offer. They will also be able to know at all times how the sales process is progressing and the different stages the lead is going through. They have access to:

  • Ezzing Sales.
  • Ezzing Design.


They have at their disposal a connected app to validate whether an installation is technically feasible. In this app, all the information of the installation is recorded and automatically saved in the platform. They have access to:

  • Ezzing Work.


They legalize and monitor the installation thanks to the Ezzing Work module and its connection to the Ezzing Aftersales monitoring app. They have access to:

  • Ezzing Work.
  • Ezzing Aftersales.

Our clients:

We are in more than 12 countries

We have tripled our customer base in the last two years. Our growth rate leads us to open a new market every quarter. If we are not yet operating in your country, write to us to get started.

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