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Discover our pioneer software

1 investment

Everything in one place

Control the entire sales process from a single platform. From customer acquisition to after-sales.

2 a quick go to market

Fast go to market.

Developing a complete sales process can take several months. Start in months to sell ina a simpley way and with a complete all in one platform.

3 pay only what you need

Pay only what you need

Don’t pay for more than you need. You can choose the areas where you need coverage and not pay for those you won’t use. Be smart in your investment.

Choose the modules

You can choose all of them or only those you need in your process.


Online price simulation for photovoltaic installations.


Manage your clients from a single platform.

Customer Portal

Customer portal with all digital documents.

Quoting Tool

Select and draw the roof with one simple click.

Installers App

Specific app for installers to manage the installation.

Monitoring App

Monitor the efficiency of the installation from an App.

The most complete software

Perks & Benefits



With our system, you pay only for what you use. We will grow together.


Start selling now

This is the key to our software. Don’t wait any longer. Start selling in less than a month.


Always in touch

Our team will help you at all times according to your needs. You will never be alone.


Digitise your processes

Be faster and bring more quality to your customers.

Always your brand

With our software your customers will always see your brand and know it’s you at all times.

Growth your business

Expand all the areas you want to increase your sales and offer a more complete service.

CRM Modular ezzing solar

Discover how you can sell photovoltaic systems easily.